Experience Hope By Living in your Strengths

Experience hope by living in sync with your strengths:
To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness. Look up the source
– John Dewey

Story: Mother Gerard Smith:
High School Principal: Who doesn’t flinch when being called into the principal’s office? The head of Ursuline Academy flexed huge arms, supported a tall frame, and had the power aura of someone who could have ruled the entire Russian army, navy, and air force just by walking into a room. She could be wonderfully supportive to some and terrifying to others, including me. She was known to make one of the seniors kneel all night on the floor saying the rosary over and over because she talked and ate bagels on a retreat! Many of us received dire prognostications about our lives if we didn’t shape up.
Even with all her shortcomings, I continued to visit her when she spent her last years in Ursuline’s infirmary in Alton, Illinois. We had many conversations about her fears and disappointments. The whole time she served as principal, she did so out of obedience to her superiors. She was forced to work outside of her strengths.
After she left Ursuline Academy, she was assigned to work with adults. She flourished at those assignments.
Moral of the Story
We work against our talents when we do not operate out of our capabilities. What would have been lost to the world if Thomas Edison became a dentist? How would the planet have suffered if Bing Crosby had become a chef? Where would we be if Bill Gates studied to be a para-medic? All three lived in their strengths and followed their passions. –
At the risk of sounding redundant, I will say it again. Tap into what you love, create a profession out of it, and success will come knocking at your doorstep. It’s a good thing I did not become an accountant. I dislike numbers intensely. Music, on the other hand, has been and will always be my forte.
Hidden talents do not flourish. Just as all vegetation needs to be watered, so do our gifts need to be developed lest they whither and dry.
Action Plan:
First give your gifts to yourself. Do you enjoy artwork? Perhaps a class at the Junior college would be helpful. Do you like to cook? Purchase a good culinary arts book and light up your kitchen. Do you enjoy cross-stitching or knitting? Give yourself the gift of relaxing with a pair of knitting needles. Know what you can do. Find out what gives you joy and happiness. Then give those gifts to others.
Practical Application to Your Life
You will feel fulfilled, successful, and happy when you recognize your talents, give them to yourself, and extend them to others.
Weekly Take Away:
Make a list of five to ten talents. Figure out how to develop them. Then have fun bringing them into your life.


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