The Gift of Mindfulness

Fall into success with the gift of mindfulness
“Thoughts are like an open ocean, they can either move you forward within its waves, or sink you under deep into its abyss.”
– Anthony Liccione

Story: From Stress to Success
Dr. Randall Cho was on staff at Mayo clinic as a research physician. The stress of having to produce an annual research paper became too demanding. He decided to enter the field of acupuncture instead. A few years back he experienced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease which he overcame by using meditation and Qigong exercises.
Moral of the Story:
Staying centered has tremendous health benefits. Keeping fear, anger, and depression under control is a significant part of health maintenance. Dr. Cho maintains that all disease starts in the brain. One way to stay healthy is to keep the brain in good shape. Resolve upsetting situations quickly. Fill your mind with uplifting ideas. And stand guard over your thoughts.
Change your thinking, change your life. Our thoughts are our prayers. The mind can serve as rocket fuel become a sinkhole Which would you rather have: peace or despair? It’s up to you.
Serenity comes from inner calm. When peace is present, decisions can be made, problems can be solved, and life can be met with confidence.
Power is not the strength of military might. It does not emanate from violent acts, from top down types of behavior, or from physical force. It comes from the inner sources of the mind. Does a murderer represent true force? Does a rapist have righteous power? Does an embezzler possess virtuous qualities? Of course not. True power comes from virtue, inner calm, and the ability to stay centered.
Moral of the Story:
Tap into your inner power by staying centered. Set aside daily time to do qigong, to meditate, and to reflect on your life. If a problem arises, be sure it is resolved before the end of the day. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger, on your challenges, or on your disappointments. Take quick action to solve all issues.
Practical Application to Your Life:
My dear friend Lucy has had a difficult life. She married an alcoholic with a plethora of issues, as all alcoholics do. Her constant mantra is, “staying in the eye of the storm.” So how do you maintain calm? How do you stay centered? How do you maintain peace?
Weekly Take Away:
Good decisions are made when one is calm. Life moves in a positive direction when relaxation is present. And happiness prevails when we remain stable and centered. Plan to implement activities that bring about calm. Perhaps you could add qigong to your routine. Daily walks can help. Tai chi is also beneficial. Sit down and make a list of centering activities.


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