The Gift of Gratitude


Gratitude brings happiness.

I have the wonderful privilege of teaching the children’s class at the center for Spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Missouri, on the first Sunday of each month. There were two children in the class this morning.

Six year old Caleb informed us that he is grateful for life. He is happy to experience this life in all its wonder, in all its excitement, and in all its grandeur. His expression and his thoughts were given with the sweetness of an innocent child. That word gratitude is powerful, energetic, and life giving.

Cara expressed thankfulness for her parents and for her two brothers. After we shared our thoughts, the children poured their little hearts into drawings representing ideas about giving . They both are grateful for the ability to run, the ability to sing, and the ability to read.

We talked about the gift of the divine, and the role that God plays in our lives. They prayed prayers of thanksgiving for all that they have experienced in their short lives.

Their teacher has gratitude for the opportunity to teach spiritual principles to them, for the chance to be a part of their lives once a month, and for membership in a Church that supports education for its young.

When we think about what we love to do, we create happiness. When we put our attention on what is good and holy, we create peace. And when we focus on those we love, we create joy.

Our class was small, but mighty. The children were young in age, but wise in years. We only had three, including me, but we bonded as we expressed gratitude.

Take some time to think, live, and act in terms of gratitude. Take some time to thank your loved ones and your friends. Take to time to live in gratitude.


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