For the good of All

For the Good of All

Should we sacrifice integrity for the good of all?

In today’s socio economic and political environment we are seeing an erosion of respect, morality, and virtue. The question is, does political expedience trump morality? Can we legitimately elect officials who have been accused of serious moral discrepancies to high offices so that a greater good can be attained?

I posed this question on facebook and got a few interesting responses. I do not believe in placing moral standards below the need to get someone in office in order to achieve a political or a financial goal. Morality should override expedience in every situation. Do we place the need for a tax code revision, which I support, over and above moral credence? Do we place the need for a wall, which I also support, over and above moral decency? Do we place the desire for an ever increasing stock market, over and above respect for fourteen year old girls and for women in general? I certainly hope not.

Adolph Hitler promoted the evil intent of the Third Reich. Six million innocent Jews died because Hitler promulgated the belief that we must do this for the good of all. That was his battle cry. Innocent children who had Aryan features were kidnapped from Poland, Sweden, and Norway. Those who had the strongest Germanic looks were adopted out into German homes and Germanized. Those whose features spoke of a different heritage were taken to Auschwitz and gassed. Others were cruelly used for medical experiments. Again, this was done for the good of all.

Hundreds of women with Aryan features  were housed in brothels where they serviced the sexual needs of German soldiers, most of whom also had Aryan features. Their children were also adopted out to German families where they were indoctrinated into beliefs of racial purity. Again, this was done for the good of all.

After the war, these women and their children were ostracized and ridiculed for the rest of their lives.

Again, in today’s political climate, should we elect officials who allegedly have a criminal past so we can achieve higher goals? I fear for our country if this mentality takes shape.

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