From Addiction to Purpose

Addiction to Purpose:

Do you know anyone whose life has been affected by addiction and lack of purpose?

I just read about another family’s devastation following the death of a teen whose life was affected by drugs. How sad. My own life has been marked by addiction .  I was fortunate to have experienced several wake up calls which saved my life.

My father was an abusive alcoholic. I turned to heavy sugar bingeing when I was in my teens in an effort to numb the pain. It felt really good to sit down and eat a quart of ice cream for breakfast, a box of graham crackers for lunch, and five or six candy bars each day. Three months of this brought on serious brain issues, causing me to have psychotic episodes. I’m not going to prattle on and on about this in this blog post. Instead, I want to present healthy ways to deal with problems, ways that promote purpose.

1, Create Your Joy List. What do you enjoy doing? What makes you want to get up in the morning? What is your life mission?

Once psychosis rears its ugly head, the prognosis is almost always a continuous downward stream. Music has always been a great healer in my life. Studies have shown that listening to beautiful music lights up areas of the brain. Consistent subjugation to music healed my brain and made it possible for me to mainstream into society.

Your joy list may not include music. Make an attempt to discover what gives you pleasure and purpose and healing can be yours.

2. Live your life in sync with your strengths. Dr. Martin Seligman has done extensive work in positive psychology. You might want to google his name and take the strength finders test. Find your strengths and build your purpose.

3. Imagine what you want in your life. Feel it, sense it, and become grounded in your passions.

Proceed to move from addiction to purpose.




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