Building Health: Building Happiness

Building Health:

Good health brings happiness. It’s difficult to experience joy or fulfillment while being plagued by ill health. Relationships are compromised Both work and happiness are affected.

I’m offering you two effective diets designed to optimize your health.

The ketogenic diet: The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that has been used effectively in treating epilepsy. It can also be useful as a part of cancer treatment and as a possible preventative for Alzheimer’s disease. Carbohydrates in the diet are changed into glucose, which is important in building brain function. The ketogenic diet focuses on low carbohydrate and high fat content in the diet. If the body is fed a limited amount of carbs, the liver changes fat into ketone bodies, which pass into the brain and provides a source of energy. A rise in the level of ketosis may result in a lessening in the frequency of epileptic seizures.

The ketogenic diet may also be helpful for cancer patients, since cancer cells feed upon sugars. It is definitely a health producing diet.

Foods to include in the ketogenic diet:

1, All low carb vegetables.

2. All seafood, which is high in omega 3;s. Salmon is at the top of the list.

3. Cheese. This one surprised me since dairy allergies are quite common. however, cheese contains a high amount of linoleic acid and very low amounts of carbohydrates.

4. Avocadoes: Avocadoes are an incredibly healthy source of fats.

5. Meat and poultry: Grass-fed is the healthiest source since grass-fed meats and poultry contain healthy amounts of omega 3’s.

5. eggs: Contrary to popular belief, eggs do not impact cholesterol negatively in most post people. In fact, eggs can level out the ratio between ldl and hdl levels.

6. coconut oil: Coconut oil raises the levels of ketones. It can also effectively be used in a weight reduction program. And it can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

7.  Yoghurt. Again, I was surprised to read this due to allergies. But yoghurt and cottage cheese can promote a sense of fullness and can be a useful part of weight reduction.

8. Cottage cheese.

9. Olive Oil
10. Nuts and Seeds

11. Fruits are too high in carbs. Berries are the exception.

12. Butter and Cream
13. Shirataki Noodles

14. Olives

15. Unsweetened Coffee and Tea
16. Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder
Dark chocolate and cocoa are delicious sources of antioxidants.

A ketogenic diet can be used to achieve weight loss, blood sugar control and other health-related goals.
Fortunately, it can include a wide variety of nutritious, tasty and versatile foods that allow you to remain within your daily carb range.


The Paleo diet; The paleo diet is based on what is perceived to have been the mostly plant based diet of our earliest ancestors. It is quite similar to the ketogenic diet.

The following is a list of foods to exclude on the paleo diet.

  1. Cereal grains
  2. legumes
  3. Dairy
  4. Refined sugar
  5. potatoes, except for sweet potatoes
  6. Processed foods
  7. Refined oils
  8. Salt
  9. Sweet fruits should be consumed in strict moderation

The paleo diet includes

  1. grass fed produced beef, buffalo, or lamb
  2. All seafood
  3. Eggs
  4. nuts and seeds
  5. All low carb vegetables      Source:\


The paleo diet is also health producing.




























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