Building Joy: Begin By Contemplating the End

Building Joy:

Building joy by contemplating the end.
Which life road to you want to travel? What are your goal and how do you want to achieve them? What do you want people to say at your funeral?

My work in in nursing home over the past twenty five years has given me that perspective. I deal with people who have early to end stage dementia. I wonder how they have spent their lives. A trip to a nursing home or a cemetery will give one that vision. Do you really want to be six feet under, not having achieved your goals?

Contemplating the end involves knowing where you are going. One cannot arrive at a destination without having knowledge of where you want to end up.

According to Stephen R. Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,  all things are created twice. The first creation is the vision process. See it happening, know where you are going,  and plan to arrive there. The second creation is the action and planning process.

Suppose you want to build an airplane. It’s an easy process since airplanes are uncomplicated mechanical devices. Each one has a control system, simple electrics, and minimal hydraulics. An aircraft engines has four hoses, two wires, and three cables. There’s nothing in a small airplane construction that the average person can’t understand. And in the Internet age, there’s always a YouTube tutorial video


Admittedly, the call to build private airplanes is probably quite low. But we can use the analogy to build our lives and to set about building joy.

Suppose you want to build a business. No doubt you will want to establish a business that would be a win-win situation on many levels. Unquestionably,  you have to have a plan in mind. You need to access information about building a financial base for your enterprise. Undeniably, you need to delineate and define your market. You need to segment that market into divisions of people who would most likely buy into your business. You need to decide how you can best reach  out and minister to your customers. Go about building joy by building your life plan.





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