Health Tips From Barbara

Health Tips

We can all learn from health tips. I am sharing success with various alternative therapies which can be quite helpful.

Knee and hip problems:  I’m including several pieces of information that may help you with a variety of health problems. While shopping at a local health store, I inquired about remedies for aching knees. I thought that knee surgery was on the horizon for me. The attending clerk informed me about the value of bone broth. She has had problems with her hips. After a week on bone broth, she was receiving a great deal of relief.

I decided to purchase several bottles of chicken and turkey bone broth. One week of drinking a cup a day has chased all my worries away. The pain is now minimal.

Sleep issues: A few years ago I had serious issues with sleep. There were nights that  I could not sleep at all. something called an iodine loading test showed a serious depletion of iodine. If iodine is deficient, the body cannot assimilate the B vitamins properly. I got immediate relief once I started on iodine replacement therapy, using iodoral supplements.

Depression: Depression can be exacerbated by the consumption of a heavy amounts of carbohydrates. It can be marked by a depletion of B vitamins. I have done B vitamin supplementation for years with great results in managing my depression.

Rotator cuff problems: Acupuncture is a great therapy for rotator cuff issues, which are extremely painful. Three months of acupuncture eliminated the need for rotator cuff surgery.

Brain balance: There are exercises that may help with balance and coordination conditions. Juggling is fun and can help balance out the sides of the brain. Tai chi is also effective in producing balance and calm. And a good brisk walk can be therapeutic for brain issues.

I hope that  you have enjoyed my health tips.



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