Five Steps to Joyfilled Relationships

Steps to Joy-filled Relationships:

It’s happening again. Joy filled relationships are eluding you. You are with a group of friends and your social acumen is receiving yet another blow. You ask yourself why you seem to contaminate every social setting you are in. Or you wonder why you can’t make that sale that will bring in so much money. Or you are wondering why your marriage is bereft of communication.

I have lived the life of extreme introversion and inability to connect with others. This has resulted in a loss of jobs, a music therapy internship, and intense unhappiness.

So how does one reverse isolation and enter into a world that is satisfying and brings joy-filled relationships? Let me pass a long a few tips that have been known to create solid social contacts.

Number One: Give eye contact. This only takes a few seconds. Just look at someone long enough to notice their eye color. This will establish an immediate rapport.

Number Two: Smile. No one likes to look at a grouch. Turn that frown upside down and watch what happens as you attract people into your life who will serve to enrich yours.

Number Three: Synchronize your body language with those around you. Copy how people communicate non-verbally. Perhaps you learned at an early age that life was not safe. Those who were supposed to protect, made you feel vulnerable. Repeated exposure to unsafe behaviors caused you to shut down and withdraw. Your body language began to reflect rigidity. Perhaps most of your adult relationships have been affected. The simple tool of body synchronization will lead you toward more intimacy in both casual and long-term relationships. Try it, it works.

Number Four: Use an open body approach. Crossing the arms and legs are both closed approaches. Instead, extend your arms out and place the hands in an unclenched position. This tells others that you are open to communicating with them.

Just using these four techniques can facilitate the development of joy-filled relationships.





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