Laugh Your way To Happiness

Laugh Your way

As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Laugh your way to happiness as you read the following quips.

I have the privilege of working in a local nursing home doing therapeutic music. The residents never cease to provide moments of levity. One morning a few weeks ago, I came in with my rather large purse stuffed with quite a variety of needed items. One of the residents looked at me and said, “Who have you got in there?” I took out a comb, several rhythm band instruments, some make-up, and a few pencils. She was quite amused by everything I managed to stuff in my purse.

During one music therapy session about twenty years ago, one of the gentlemen on the Alzheimer’s unit took a glance at another resident who was sitting opposite him. Margaret happened to be on the plump side. Observing this, Tony’s response was “I think she’s about 9 months pregnant.” Margaret proceeded to sit up straight, eliminating the offending bulge. With a great look of relief on his face, Tony proclaimed, “O thank goodness. She’s not pregnant anymore. I was afraid it was mine.”

I’ve had some light moments in my music studio also. About eight years ago, six year old Maggie came in with her father. I had just taken my cat, Oreo, to the vet and had her fixed. She wanted to know what “fixed” meant.” Her father and I gave her a detailed explanation. She then looked at her father and said “I’m certainly glad you didn’t get fixed or I wouldn’t be around.”

Laugh your way to happiness. Sometimes when I feel down, I will pull these memories up. Presto! My mood always improves. Laugh your way to happiness by recalling humorous events in your life.

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