Passages to Hope

March: March to Your success
Week One: March to success by Finding Your Life Passion
“Turn your wounds into wisdom”
– Oprah Winfrey

Story: Oprah Winfrey.
Oprah demonstrated her precocious nature at a young age. In her preschool years, she was admired for her precocious mental abilities. She was called upon to recite Bible verses at her Church, where members were awed by her intellect. Her life changed at age nine when several male relatives began to molest her sexually. The abuse lasted from age nine to thirteen.
Rebellious teenage behavior marked Oprah’s adolescence. She was sent to live with her father who brought discipline into her life. He made her read one book a week and do a book report on it.
In 1971, at age seventeen Oprah won a full scholarship to Tennessee State University, majoring in Speech Communications and Performing Arts. While pursuing her degree, she continued to work at WVOL, a radio station in Nashville, Tennessee
In 1976, she was hired at WZ-TV News as a co-anchor. People Are Talking, was her first show. She had found a niche that perfectly suited her outgoing, empathetic personality, and word soon spread to other cities. In 1984, she moved to Chicago to host a half-hour morning program on WLS-TV. In less than a year, it became the hottest show in town. On September 1985, it was expanded to a one-hour format and was renamed The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Oprah knew how to march to her success.

Moral of the Story
Trauma, disappointment, and tragedy marked Oprah Winfrey’s early life. Her father’s strict discipline brought her into line. She learned the value of structure, safety, and purpose while she was in her father’s care and supervision. Oprah found her passion. She used her love of learning, her extroverted personality, and her intelligence to turn her life around, to create a positive impact on the world, Oprah’s incredible success is a true testament to the power of finding your gifts and living your life accordingly. We can learn from her life lessons and use that knowledge wisely.
Oprah Winfrey had her share of pain in the early part of her life. She has truly followed her own advice and has turned her trauma into triumph.
We all have life challenges. To be successful, we need to transcend them, to write a new story, and to move forward with passion.
We can turn our scars into stars and we can find our calling in our pain.
Yes, indeed, each one of us does have that personal calling. What is your calling? How can you turn pain into purpose? What will your legacy be?
Action Plan:
Do you want to succeed on all levels of life? The definition of success is dual in nature. It can be external, internal, or a combination of both.
I know of no greater source than Dr. Martin Seligman’s work in positive psychology. He lists twenty-six personal strengths in his work.
Do you love to communicate? Perhaps something in the line of Public Relations would be your success area. Do you love numbers? You would be a great accountant. Do you love to nurture and encourage? Education might work for you. Finding your strengths will bring hope into your life.
Find your passion and find your success. Find your love and find your peace. Find your strengths and find your identity.
What do you want your future to be? What motivates you to get up in the morning? Which burning aspiration fuels you on to higher and higher ground? What can you do to achieve it your ambition? And which behaviors should you avoid if you choose to reach your goals?
Practical Application to Your Life:
So how can you apply Oprah’s story to your life? Oprah learned the power of discipline when she lived with her father.
How can you discipline yourself?
It’s important to have a plan centered around how you want to achieve your goals. Mapping out both a daily work plan and a long-range strategy becomes the next priority. You may not always want to fulfill those obligations. However, being consistent is extremely important. Sometimes a mental block may get in your way. Persist anyway. During the gap between that mental block and your next work time there can be a period of gathering up information that will propel you forward. Your next pursuit will then flow much more fluently.
Keep your vision in mind.
Intent shapes your life. Maintaining vision will sustain you and will help you manifest your desires. No matter which obstacles come your way, keep that vision in your mind. Recognize, nurture, and cultivate it.
What has Oprah taught us? Ask yourself several questions. How can you benefit from her example? How can you apply this to your life? Has there been a trauma in your life that you can turn around? Can you change trauma to success? Can you go from trauma to triumph? Can you use your gifts to bring happiness into your world, to your community, and to your country?
Weekly Take Away:
Ask yourself what you think about most often. Do you daydream about colors or decorating? Does your mind wander off to thoughts of traveling? Do you like the pursuit of learning?
Following this, think of ways to apply your findings to career aspirations. Investigate avenues of pleasurable pursuits you can pursue in your leisure time. Then read everything you can about your interests
Devise action steps that will enable you to reach your goals and to march to your success.

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