Building a life that works

A life that works

Do you want a life that works? “Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.” – Unknown

Change your life, change your mind. If you think that life does not work, you will have a life that does not work. If you think that you have a life that works, you will get exactly what you expect.

There are five basic ingredients toward creating a life that works. Let’s take a look at each one.

  1. See success coming into your life. Visualize it, feel it, experience it. Sense it on every sensory level. Can you hear what people will say about you if your life works? Can you see success coming your way?  Can you feel happiness and joy as our life builds in strength, power, and joy?
  2. Be wiling to do the work needed to build a successful life. Be willing to put in the 10000 hours needed to accomplish fulfillment. Bill Gates and his high school business partner used to spend four to five hours a day working on computers. Their success came with the sweat of the brow.
  3. Network with others in order to achieve what you want in your life. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths compliment the weaknesses of others. Your weaknesses compliment the strengths of others. When we combine efforts, we build a life that works.
  4. Be willing to ask for help. Seeking advice is not a fault. It is an empowerment. Use the phone, use texting, use one on one meetings to further your cause and to help others build their lives.
  5. Seek the solace of a higher power. We cannot build a life that works without spiritual help. Pick you your Bible, pray, meditate, or study the sacred works of whichever faith you proclaim. Build a life that works.

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