The Power of Love

The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh; it pushes matter around…. Throughout history, “tender loving care” has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing”
– Larry Dossey

Story: Jack Altman
You already know about my father’s unhealthy life choices. You also know about mine. Both of us were led down the steep paths of ill health because we chose to deal with stress with addictions. I will now tell you my brother’s story.
Jack Altman, like my father, turned to alcohol to soothe his deep inner pain. He began drinking at age sixteen. By age eighteen he had already had numerous DWI’s and had quite a few automobile accidents. I remember listening to him scream at his three children, especially the oldest child. What heartbreak that brought to his first born. I felt powerless to do anything about it. He had me in his grip of fear. He also screamed at me relentlessly. I was happy the day he and his wife moved out. He lacked the power of love.
He stopped drinking at the age of thirty-seven, following a conversion to Evangelical Christianity. His relationship with Jesus Christ led him to reevaluate his life. But his body had suffered the consequences of his drinking.
At age thirty-eight, he had a heart attack that nearly took his life. That night he had a near death experience during which time he was told he could choose to live or to die. He chose to live because he wanted to see his children grow up.
He suffered for the rest of his life with chronic heart disease and had three surgeries to maintain his life.
Moral of the Story:
All of this could have been avoided had he chosen a different life style. His actions had a profound effect on every member of the family, including me. I worried about him a lot. His addiction short circuited his education, his financial security, and his intelligence. Between the two of us, he got the lion’s share of intelligence quotient. But he did not use it well because of his addiction. The power of love was not there to save him.
A healthy lifestyle brings balance, while an unhealthy one brings disharmony.
What does it profit us if we have a million dollars in the bank and zero energy in the body? The body has a bank deposit called chi. When that chi is wasted, health begins to decline. The Chinese describe chi as that energy force. How can we possibly attend to finances when out health is down? How can we have good relationships when our health is suffering? How can we achieve anything worthwhile when our health suffers? How much can our lives be improved when we make healthy choices?
Action Steps
Do a life evaluation. Do you spend adequate time exercising? Do you have fun in your life? Do you have a healthy diet? Ask yourself all these questions. It’s difficult, if not impossible to have a productive life if your body does not cooperate. It’s almost impossible to have a good financial base if your heart, liver, and kidneys do not work in harmony. And it’s hard to have good relationships if you are in pain. It’s hard to know the power of love if you are sick. And it’s hard to know the power of love if you are addicted.
Avoiding Unhealthy Behaviors: In my opinion, unhealthy behaviors can be separated into three different factions: Drugs and alcohol, overeating, and excessive sexual behaviors. Think about how you are impacting yourself, your family, your community, and your world through eliminating all mind-altering substances and avoiding excessive eating and sex. All of them bring about ill health. Do you really want to impede your life? Do you really want your children to be taking care of you years before they should be? Do you really want your community to absorb the financial responsibilities of your care before you get old? Think about all the stress that could be avoided through making healthy life choices.
Practical Application to Your life:
I have several friends who have embarked upon a health routine that has brought radical changes to their lives. It’s the same regimen that is changing mine. I’ve decided to change their names to protect their identities.
Reverend James Mahoney was experiencing deep depression. He had his hormone levels tested and was placed on a routine designed to correct this situation. Now he routinely gives wonderful talks and serves to inspire members of his church with his empathy, calm, and information. He knows the power of love.
My friend Rosa has consulted the same physician who placed her on a similar plan which has saved her life. Her healthy choices have served her well.
So, what about you? How can you bring health into your life? How can you change your life so you can change the lives of your family, your friends, and your community? How can you make your healthy choices make the world a better place?
Bring Balance into Your Life: My father, my brother, and I all did not have lives that were in balance. Fortunately, I learned to bring that balance in before it had lasting effects on me. Both my father and my brother died from their early life indiscretions. I nearly died from depression, anxiety, and psychosis. We all have needed to bring balance into your lives. We need the power of love.
Weekly Take Away:
Draw two seesaws – one on the left side of a piece of paper. Draw the other on the right side of the same piece. On one seesaw, draw yourself on one side. Then put all your challenges on the other. Chances are the challenged side will tilt.
On the other seesaw, draw yourself on one side. On the other side, draw the ways in which you can achieve balance and harmony. Chances are, both sides will now be equal. You will experience the power of love when both sides are equal.


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