The power of your words.

The power of affirmations.

Change your thinking. change your life. Learn to develop the power of words to bring about life enhancing events. Let’s take a look at twenty power statements that can bring happiness, fulfillment, and success into your life.

  1. I am healthy. See yourself as healthy, vibrant, and strong.
  2. I am strong. Catch the vision of strength and power.
  3. I am loving. Learn to love yourself and to extend that love to others.
  4. I am kind. Love and kindness should be your life bywords.
  5. I am successful. Success comes to you like a magnet .
  6. I am fulfilled. You experience fulfillment because you are joy filled.
  7. I am resilient. You bounce back from all of life’s challenges.
  8. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. We all need to be empowered by a source higher and stronger than we are.
  9. I can do all things through the Christ consciousness which strengthens me.
  10. I have abundance. Money and finances come to me easily are frequently.
  11. I am safe. See yourself as protected.
  12. I am secure. No one or no event can interfere with my peace.
  13. I am happy. Joy exudes out of every pore.
  14. I am enthusiastic. I am filled with excitement.
  15. I am creative.
  16. I am intelligent. My mind sustains me.
  17. I am smart. My intelligence moves me forward.
  18. I am an inspiration. I bring hope to myself and to others.
  19. I am an encourager. I live to encourage myself and all I come in contact with.
  20. I am hope filled. Hope pours forth and energizes everyone I come in contact with.

Yes, indeed, affirmations have the power to change your life.  Read them, study them, soak your consciousness with them. B


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