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Freedom to find fulfillment

Story: A Holocaust Survivor: a story of fulfillment

I know the price of success, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen”’
– Frank Lloyd Wright “

Bendet Weiss was nine years old when he and his family were ripped from their homes and taken to a concentration camp in Poland. The whole family, including his eight-day old sister, were hustled off to their deaths. Only Bendet and his father survived. When he was asked his age, he told them he was fifteen. At age nine he was already five feet five inches tall. He spent the next six years in various camps, fighting to stay alive. After his rescue in l945, he quickly left Poland and took up residence in Ireland, where he met his future wife. A tailor by trade, Bendet frequently worked twelve to fourteen hour days to support his wife and seven children. I heard him speak at our church in 2013. When asked how he kept himself going, he said “I was always loved to work hard.” Bendet learned a vital fulfillment secret: Hard work.
Moral of the Story:
Bendet used his gift of dedication to his craft to sustain himself and his family financially and to avoid the traps of depression and anxiety. He no longer has a tailoring business. Instead, he goes around the Saint Louis area talking about his experiences as a holocaust survivor. He is dedicated to keeping this memory alive.
Weiss has a vision and exercises the perseverance and dedication needed to manifest his goals.
If we could only achieve without dedication and hard work. That would be the lazy person’s way. If we could only move forward without the virtue of self-discipline. That’s the path of sloth. If we could only succeed with little effort. That’s the road of indolence.
Action Steps:
Make the decision to put the grist to the mill when you pursue your goals. Hard work, dedication, effort, and self-discipline are all a part of the game. Fulfillment secret number one is hard work.
Practical Application to Your Life:
So, what exactly do you want to accomplish? And how do you want to go about doing that? Vision without action and dedication is empty and futile.
Weekly Take-Away:
To succeed, one needs to decide which goals to pursue and which actions to take. Hard work, discipline, and dedication are all a part of the success principle.

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