seven Steps to Your Happiness

Seven Steps to Your Happiness: We all want to be happy.
Definition: So what is happiness? Merriam-Webster defines happiness as
a state of well-being and contentment, and joy.
Question: How do we build happiness in our lives? Let’s take a look at seven steps to your happiness.
1. Be a joiner. Join a church, a Bible Study, or the local rotary club. Look up community resources that will give the chance to join. Studies have shown that people who connect regularly are happier, live longer, and experience more joy in their lives.
2. Do daily spiritual reading. Read the Bible, books by Deepok Chopra, or Wayne Dyer. Spiritual reading enhances your chance at building a happy life.
3. Connect with like minded, positive people. Also connect with people who have a higher spiritual purpose.
4. Join a networking group of people who support one another in a common endeavor. Having the support of others will increase joy, fulfillment, and happiness.
5. Join support groups. Determine what your needs are and google support groups that will help you meet your needs.
6. Find reasons to laugh frequently. It takes seventeen muscles to smile and one hundred and seventeen to frown.
7. Build your life on your strengths. Check out Martin Seligman’s website on positive psychology and take the strength builder’s test at Martin Seligman is the ultimate autho

Action plan: Take the strength builder’s test and plan your activities around your strengths. We are all happier when we plan our lives around your strengths.
Take Away: You can build happiness. You can build joy. And you can build hope. It’s never too late to achieve contentment.
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