Five success Secrets

Five Success Secrets
Build a bedrock of consistency. One of life’s challenges is a certain degree of change. All independent music teachers know that business can fluctuate. Students lose interest, get involved with other pursuits, or fail to practice. Having a marketing plan can help provide a solid source of income. This letter is not about promoting a music business. It’s about having a set of habits that pull us through challenges and keep us grounded.
Seek support and find good networking groups. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Refuse to give up. Sometimes results are not immediate. Be persistent in pursuing your goals.
Develop the habit of delayed gratification. The famous Mischell marshmallow experiments of the fifties in preschool settings established the principle that those children who waited for the second marshmallow had the greatest success in life. The children were given two choices. They could take one marshmallow immediately or wait for fifteen minutes for the second marshmallow. They were followed for the next thirty years. Those who waited had greater financial and relationship success than those who chose not to wait.
Develop your inner strengths. While it’s important to network and to ask for help, we all have inner strengths that can carry us forward.
Focus on your family strengths. Every family has inner empowerment. Think about the strengths your family has passed on.

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