Ten Coping Secrets When You Have”One of those days.”

One of those days.

We’ve all had them. They’re called “one of those days.” I will share 10 coping skills to use when they crop up. First, let me briefly tell the story of my “one of those days.”

I’ve spent months preparing for a presentation which was scheduled for today at a local YMCA. Hours were spent creating worksheets, preparing a detailed outline, and putting together a power point. I also spent $70.00 on the whole non-paying project.

I put the directions in my phone.
Of course, I missed reading the very last instruction and spent an hour dancing around South Saint Louis in an effort to get there early. I arrived five minutes ahead of time. The projected time was an hour ahead of time.
Of course, no one showed up. Not one soul was there, with the exception of the lady who scheduled me and her husband.

So here is my list of ten things to do when you’ve had “one of those days.” I hope this helps.
1. Take a look at how you could have prepared better. I decided I would get a head count the next time I schedule a presentation. The projected head count was ten. I prepared enough papers for thirty.
2. Take a million deep breaths. Deep breathing serves to relax.
3. If the tears are there, cry.
4. Give yourself a pat on the back for trying.
5. Eat chocolate.
6. Find a good pillow and pound it out.
7. Call a friend and get support.
8. Read a good book.
9. Count your blessings.
10. Stand up, take another deep breath and tell yourself the tomorrow is another day.

Blessings to you and may tomorrow be a great day.

From Barbara Altman



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