The Power of Your Words

The Power of Your Words

Your words contain great power. They have the power to hurt, to heal, to open minds, to open hearts, and to change the world. Never forget the responsibility you have over the words that you speak. Stephen Aitchison

The power to hurt. A friend of mine was out to dinner with her family. My friend’s mother screamed out “I didn’t want any more babies.” My friend was deeply hurt. Her mother was in a difficult marriage. This was a statement best uttered in a counselor’s office, not in front of her daughter.
The power to heal: I have the privilege of providing music in a local nursing home. I believe that a microcosm of healing occurs when one of the residents can pick the music; when one of the residents feels uplifted because the rhythm band instruments are passed out; or when they experience the community bond of singing.
The power to open minds. Picture this: Seven year old Barbara is at her first piano lesson. Mrs. Lemcke opens up John Thompson’s Teaching Little Fingers How to Play. Barbara plays her first song, Mrs. Lemcke says to her mother, “She has talent, she doesn’t stumble around like most of them do.” Sixty eight years, one music degree, and two books later, I remember this as though it happened yesterday. The power of twelve words has lasted all that time.
The power to open hearts: Hurt closes hearts down and builds walls. We’ve all heard about walls lately, haven’t we? This is not a political commentary. It’s a statement about the power to expand hearts and minds.
The power to change the world: What if there was a Mrs. Lemcke in each one of us? What if we call used words that heal, open minds, and open hearts?


My challenge to you is to use the power of your words to make the world a better place. Heal someone, open someone’s heart, open someone’s mind, and change the world with your words.


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