Five Ways to Put a Spring in Your Step


Five ways to put a spring in your step. Before I list the five ways, I will talk about two ways to NOT put a spring in your step.
Do not slip on ice. That fall on January25th caused me to have a broken knee. I wouldn’t recommend that. It hasn’t been fun. It’s the reason why I haven’t been as active.
Do not fall in your house. The knee immobilizer caught on a step and down I went down and a tooth came out.

Now for the five ways to put a spring in your step.
Do get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation causes fatigue and lack of mental acuity. Most Americans do not get enough sleep. Be sure that lights are out at least two hours before bedtime. Turn off all screens within that time frame.
Drink at least half your body weight in water. Flushing out your system will go a long way toward maintaining your health.
Deep clean your house at least twice a year. Get rid of dust and mold. This will help you control allergies.
Treat yourself to healthy doses of music. Studies have shown that Gregorian Chant, the music of Mozart, Strauss Waltzes, and Ragtime all have healing properties.
Cultivate a wide array of friends and social contacts. Longevity can be a product of socialization.

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