Halloween Fun For You

Greetings to You from your hope guru, Barbara Altman
Six ways to have Halloween fun.
Indulge in candied apples. My mouth waters when I think of candied apples. They are everywhere. Whole foods has them. Just about every grocery store carries them. Of course, they are extremely unhealthy. I can’t have them because I’m on a sugar restricted diet. If you are concerned about health, buy apples that are not candied and give them out as treats.
Create your own Halloween delicacies. Perhaps you can pass out sugar doughnuts or rice Crispies.
Have fun and dress up. I have a nun’s outfit that I will wear to the nursing home on Thursday. I wore it to a church service a few years ago and had to take it off because the minister was laughing too hard to give the message. I also worried about getting stopped by the police.
Go trick or treating with your children on Halloween:  Bringing back childhood when you didn’t have to pay bills, go to work, or fix dinner can be fun. So often we adults forget about childhood pleasures. Let Halloween be a time of recreating your young years.
Get creative with your costumes. I plan on buying a pack of fake cigarettes and displaying them with my nun’s garb. Let go of your inhibitions and just have a good time going trick or treating.
Plan of having a lot of good natured fun. Break out the treats, enjoy them, and give them away.

For more fun filled messages, I can be contacted at: Feel free to look me up on all my sites. My aim is to promote hope, happiness, and health.

Have a great Halloween everyone. Enjoy it to the hilt. Drop all your inhibitions about going back to childhood.




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