Turkey day

Turkey day

To all my readers: Happy Turkey Day: I have the privilege of working part time in a local nursing home. During today’s session, residents were encouraged to think of a word that starts with each letter of the word Thanks. Here are the results.
T: Thanks, trees, turkey, and tea
H: Heart, Hands, and Health
A: Apples, aneurysm, and aroma
N: Nuts, Nails, and Need
K: Kindness, Kind, and Knowledge
S: Store, Save, and Street.

I’m taking the liberty of using the same word to express gratitude for
T. Trust, Turkey, and Toilet Paper
H: Health, A Healthy Heart, and Humor
A: Apples, aromas, and Art work, and America
N: Our nation, nuts, and nails
K. Kindness, Knowledge, and Knitting
S: strength, stores, and Sam’s club.

Some of these are a bit farfetched, but let’s take a look at what life would be without toilet paper, humor, art-work, nails, and Sam’s club. I once heard a talk by Bendet Fjainer who talked about life in a concentration camp where toilet paper was non-existent. He was in a camp for four years. Can you imagine four years without toilet paper? That would be enough to drive most of us into insanity. And what about nails? As Benjamin Franklin said, “for want of a nail the horse was lost and for want of a horse the war was lost.” Imagine a life without kindness. It would be bereft of compassion. And what would we do without discount stores like Sam’s club?

I want to challenge you to think of a word that fits each letter of thanks that represents something for which you are thankful.

From Barbara Altman, author of Passages of Hope.

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