Gifts for the Soul: Soul Gifts

Soul Gifts are gifts that make indelible marks on one’s personality.

When my nephew John was two years old, my brother gave him a beautiful toy wrapped in a fancy large box. John discarded the toy and played with the box!

How often have we thrown away the toy only to enjoy the simplicity of the box? Allow me to explain.

In 1986 I left Saint Louis and drove to Larned Kansas to embark on a six month music therapy internship. It lasted six weeks.

Lannette Kellie gave me a wonderful intangible gift. I didn’t relate well to the staff or to the residents. I didn’t realize it then, but her confrontation made me recognize the changes I needed to make if I were to succeed in life.

She gave me a soul gift.
So what are soul gifts?

Love, joy, and inspiration are among those gifts that can change lives.

Love: Love comes in three forms: Agape love is that love that transcends the material and delves into the spiritual. It is the highest form of love.

Philos Love: Philos is the love shared by friends. Philos defines the relationship between acquaintances.

Eros: Eros is sexual love shared by lovers.

Joy: Joy is that ineffable feeling that all is right with the world. It is typically felt in the heart..

Inspiration is the gift of raising consciousness to a new level.

How about you. Which soul gifts would you like to give and receive this year?

Love, joy, and inspiration are three of the highest soul gifts.

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