Sought Through Prayer And Meditation To Establish Contact With God, As We Undstood Him, And For His Will For Us And The Means For Carrying That Out


Prayer And Meditation

Maintaining a conscious contact with God is a daily pursuit. We cannot grow in a relationship with Him without daily prayer and meditation, and continued contact with those who are spiritually minded. Prayer and meditation are a part of this pursuit.

My daily pursuit includes:
1. Nightly prayer and meditation
2. Prayer and meditation in the morning.
3. Spiritual reading, prayer and meditation.

4, Contact with those of similar spiritual beliefs.
5. Bible reading.
6. Playing religious music.
7. Daily prayer and mediation and listening to that still small voice.
8. Sending messages of prayer and love, particularly to those with whom I’ve had problems.
9. Teaching Sunday School.
10.Weekly church attendance.

Having been a part of many spiritual traditions, from Roman Catholic, to Baptist, to Methodist, to Evangelical, and to Religious Science of Mind, I’ve had a taste of many spiritual teachings. Each have been rich in teaching and tradition for me. But aside from religious affiliation, which I deem to be important, the most critical part of my spiritual path has been my personal relationship with God and with Christ. I personally do not think in fundamentalist terms, knowing that it’s important to live the teachings of Christ. But as Helen Keller and fellow Sweedenborgens believe, we are saved by living the teachings of Christ, whether we are Jewish, protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslims, or Hindus. If we live the life of love and service, we are saved.

Step ten says to seek to develop a relationship with God, as we understand Him. Grace is open to all and to all of many faiths.

Having achieved that consciousness, it now become important to seek out His will and to access the means to develop it.

Dear readers, please feel free to share your thoughts on this.

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