Technology Can Be A Cause Of Stress

Cause Of Stress : Technology

I was listening to NPR one day on my way to one of my nursing homes. Apparently, there has been a rise in admissions to stress units due to increased technology. This I can believe. Based on my experience one day this past week, I think that this idea is quite in line with recent experience.

So on to my day of technological and stress stuff tragedy.
It all started with the computer, that source of joy, communication, and complete frustration and stress. I sat down to check my ezine stats and could not get the darn thing to work. I figured I had three choices.

1. Hit it.
2. Hit it again.
3. Call Dell computer.

I called Dell. After twenty minutes talking to someone in India, I finally got it up and running. So it took twenty minutes plus an additional twenty minutes to write an ezine article. A twenty minute task turned out to be a forty minute task. What stress that was!

Then it was lunch time. I do not do a lot of cooking. Instead, I prefer to use my steamer. So I set about putting a lot of veggies in and set it to steam lightly. It didn’t work. I figured I had three more choices.

1. Hit it.
2. Hit it again.
3. Call the distributor.

I chose numver three. When I called, I was told that it was permanenly damaged. So I threw it out after I hit it.

Then I wanted to watch TV while eating my fully cooked lunch. I coudln’t get dish network to cooperate. I figured I had three choices.

1. Hit it.
2. Hit it again.
3. Call Dish network.

I chose number three. Twenty minutes later I was eating my fully cooked, non-steamed lunch in front of a TV that was now working due to another twenty minute call designed to fix another piece of stuff in my house. Stuff can cause stress.

After this I figured I had three choices:
1. Pray.
2. Do a meditation.
3. Hit a few pillows.
I chose to pray.

Dear readers, how do you deal with stress related to stuff?

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