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At the age of thirteen, I gleefully announced to my mother and my aunt that I wanted thirteen children. I didn’t know about post-partum depression. Both my mother and my aunt nearly fainted. My mother made a comment about not wanting to baby sit. Already in love with music, I wanted a baker’s dozen plus one so I could have a built in family orchestra. My grandfather came from a family of thirteen and he often talked about the weekly Sunday evening music jams with each one of the children and both parents playing an instrument.

Oh my, I would have had post partum depression thirteen times! There have been stories of women who have committed murder when they suffered from post partum depression accompanied by psychosis.
Quite often, hormonal changes occur after birth and young mothers may be overburdened with the care of a newborn. Keep in mind, I don’t have a medical degree so I don’t know about the nature of these hormone changes. Only MDs can adequately explain this. But I have heard about post partum depression.
Dear readers, please feel free to share your coping mechanisms for this challenge. Incidenlally, I am the mother only to my piano, keyboard, and guitar students.

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