Enter Into The Spirit of Thanksgiving: Blessings, Benediction, Invocation, Petition, and Thanks



Enter Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving: Blessings, Benediction, Invocation, Petition, and Thanks
According to the thesaurus the word thanksgiving has five synonyms: , Benediction, Blessing, invocation, petition and thanks

Blessing: What if we were to each extend random acts of blessing to people we meet on a daily basis? I have the wonderful opportunity to do therapeutic music in nursing homes. When I hand musical instrument s to residents and I see the joy on their faces as they play the sticks, the bells, and the maracas, I know that they have been blessed. So have I. A smile given to a cranky clerk, a hand out to a homeless person, or a word of encouragement to someone who is feeling sad can all be blessings. Each one of us can become an agent of God in this manner. When we do this we enter into the spirit of thanksgiving.

Invocation: An invocation is an opening prayer given by an appointed minister, priest, imam, or rabbi. All are trained religious professionals. Truthfully, we can all be bearers of invocations. A warm smile can work miracles when greeting someone for the first time; an appropriate hug when greeting a loved one can open doors of communication; and just giving eye contact can raise energy and produce a loving feeling. All are invocations. These invocations move us into a spirit of thanksgiving.

Benediction: Defined as a closing prayer, a benediction is the blessing given at the end of a religious ceremony. Life is a series of beginnings, prolonged commitments, and endings. At the end of each music therapeutic music  session, we all sing a closing song. How sweet it would be to give eye contact when ending a conversation; or to utter a warm good-bye; or to give someone an open invitation to communicate again? This is truly a spirit of thanksgiving.

Petition: A petition is a prayer of asking for specific intentions. What if our demeanor conveyed a thought of wanting to communicate again? Leaving someone with the idea that their company is sought and treasured creates feelings of warmth and love.

Thanks: A treatment or a prayer in the Religious Science of Mind teachings always ends with a prayer of thanks. We first pray for our intention, followed by recognition of being a part of the divine coupled with the belief that all things are possible. The prayer then ends with a statement of thanksgiving. In our interactions with others, a thankful attitude shines forth and creates an atmosphere of mutual respect.
Dear readers, what is your prayer of benediction, invocation, petition, blessing, and thanks? Enter into the spirit of thanksgiving.

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