Ten Steps to Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health

Eleven Steps to Vibrant Health:

Eat mostly organic foods. Pesticides have the power to cause damage to our bodies. Organically grown foods are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOS). Organically grown foods do not contain neurotoxins which cause brain and neurological damage. Fruits and vegetables are not pesticide factories. Include healthy fats in . . . → Read More: Ten Steps to Your Vibrant Health

Making a Positive Difference in Your Life

First Things First: A Positive Difference

Do you want to make a positive difference in your life? Do you want a spouse? Do you want to make more money? Do you want to find fulfillment?

According to Stephen R. Covey, the habit of putting first things first is a natural outgrowth of the first two . . . → Read More: Making a Positive Difference in Your Life

Health Tips From Barbara

Health Tips

We can all learn from health tips. I am sharing success with various alternative therapies which can be quite helpful.

Knee and hip problems:  I’m including several pieces of information that may help you with a variety of health problems. While shopping at a local health store, I inquired about remedies for aching . . . → Read More: Health Tips From Barbara

Building Joy: Begin By Contemplating the End

Building Joy:

Building joy by contemplating the end. Which life road to you want to travel? What are your goal and how do you want to achieve them? What do you want people to say at your funeral?

My work in in nursing home over the past twenty five years has given me that perspective. I deal . . . → Read More: Building Joy: Begin By Contemplating the End

Building Health: Building Happiness

Building Health:

Good health brings happiness. It’s difficult to experience joy or fulfillment while being plagued by ill health. Relationships are compromised Both work and happiness are affected.

I’m offering you two effective diets designed to optimize your health.

The ketogenic diet: The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that has been . . . → Read More: Building Health: Building Happiness

Building Happiness By Building Communication Skills

Building Communication Skills


Build happiness by building communication skills 1. Learn to communicate with active listening. Active listening involves rephrasing what someone has just said, asking clarifying questions, and seeking to understand the other person’s point of view. It is one of the most effective communication skills. Active listening shows respect and honor for . . . → Read More: Building Happiness By Building Communication Skills

From Addiction to Purpose

Addiction to Purpose:

Do you know anyone whose life has been affected by addiction and lack of purpose?

I just read about another family’s devastation following the death of a teen whose life was affected by drugs. How sad. My own life has been marked by addiction .  I was fortunate to have experienced several wake . . . → Read More: From Addiction to Purpose

Happiness Secret Number One: Be Proactive

Be Proactive:

We can choose to handle vexing problems by being reactive or becoming proactive. We all experience frustrations in our careers, in our relationships, and in our lives in general. What can we do to handle problems with co-workers, with family, and with friends? Steven R. Covey talks about the magic of being proactive. A . . . → Read More: Happiness Secret Number One: Be Proactive

For the good of All

For the Good of All

Should we sacrifice integrity for the good of all?

In today’s socio economic and political environment we are seeing an erosion of respect, morality, and virtue. The question is, does political expedience trump morality? Can we legitimately elect officials who have been accused of serious moral discrepancies to high offices so . . . → Read More: For the good of All

Relationship Advice From Jesus

Advice From Jesus

Look for advice from Jesus. Hope shines eternal when our relationships run smoothly and are in line with solid principles. We all have difficult people in our lives. They are there to teach us valuable life lessons. How often do we say, “My life would be perfect if I had a perfect . . . → Read More: Relationship Advice From Jesus