An Alternative Treatment For Mental Illness: Orthomolecular Psychiatry


Mental Illness:

Mental illness has been in the forefront of the news lately. Twenty six innocent people lost their lives to someone with a mental illness. There are traditional approaches to mental illness such as anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs. Mental illness can also be addressed using alternative modalities. One such approach to mental illness . . . → Read More: An Alternative Treatment For Mental Illness:

Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts:Building A Happy Life

From Negative to Positive thoughts

We are all bombarded by negative thoughts. One only has to listen to or read the news to be subjected to negativity. So how do we guard our minds and shift from sad to happy, from depressed to joyful, or from negative to positive thoughts? The following suggestions may help.

. . . → Read More: From Negative to Positive Thoughts: Building A Happy Life

Building Healthy Families and Communitites



Building Healthy Families and Communities.

Counselors, educators, ministers, and anyone else who has a vested interest in helping others must sometimes cry out in pain when confronted with the challenges facing those who come to them for direction.

Why do an estimated seventeen percent of middle school and high school students dabble in . . . → Read More: Building Healthy Communities, Healthy Individuals, and Healthy Families

What Constitutes a Healthy Family? Seven Ways to Build One

Healthy Families:

We all want the best for ourselves and our children. Healthy families breed healthy children. So how do we build healthy families? Consider the following seven steps.

The family is the basic unit of society.

Sadly, the two parent family of the fifties is only one of the many family models today. Studies . . . → Read More: What Constitutes Healthy Families: Seven Ways to Build One.

Step Seven: Humbly Asked Him To Remove Our Shortcomings

Step Seven:

It takes great hmility to face our imperfections. Yes, we are all manifestations of the divine. At the same time, each one of us has areas of imperfection. Growth is an evolutionary process. We are all here to learn and to move forward in life. So asking God to remove our shortcomings isn’t . . . → Read More: Step Seven: Humbly Asked Him To Remove Our Shortcomings

The First Step In Overcoming Addictions: Admitted We Were Powerless Over Them

Overcoming Addictions

The first step in the twelve step AA program is to admit that we were powerless over alcohol. The thesaurus describes an addiction as a physical and psychological dependence on substances which cross the blood-brain barrier, temporarily altering the chemical milieu of the brain. Overcoming addictions is critical to health and well-being.

Types . . . → Read More: The First Step In Overcoming Addictions: Admitted We Were Powerless Over Them

Depression and Changes in appetite


Depression and weight gain

Depression can manifest in appetite changes. Given the record obesity we have in this country, it may be said that we may be possibly be facing an epidemic of depression. This is conjecture on my part. It isn’t science based. Weight gain can certainly be a part of depression.

As . . . → Read More: Depression and Weight Gain or Loss

Alcoholics Anonymous



Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson (Bill W.) and Dr. Bill Smith. It was an outgrowth of the Oxford Movement, a program that Bill Wilson joined in the twenties. Together, Bill Wilson and Bill Smith came up with the twelve steps which has been instrumental in helping thousands of . . . → Read More: Alcoholics Anonymous: A Twelve Step Program

false guilt

Real Happiness

I recently heard a sermon dealing with the ninth step of the twelve steps. The ninth step is “made amends to those you have hurt, except when making amends would hurt others. When we shed false guilt, we acquire real happiness. Over the past ten years, there has been ongoing conflict with . . . → Read More: False Guilt: Real Happiness