The power of your words.

The power of affirmations.

Change your thinking. change your life. Learn to develop the power of words to bring about life enhancing events. Let’s take a look at twenty power statements that can bring happiness, fulfillment, and success into your life.

I am healthy. See yourself as healthy, vibrant, and strong. I am strong. Catch . . . → Read More: The power of affirmations

April: A Month of Abundance:


April: April is the month of abundance, purpose, revelation, intent, and love.

A: Abundance. Who doesn’t want a life of plenty? Try not to think of abundance only in terms of money. There can also be an abundance of love, safety, acceptance, peace, and security.

P; Purpose: Learn to identify and grow your sense . . . → Read More: April: A Month of Abundance:

Harvesting Abundance


Check this out for information on abundance.

The word abundance usually conjures up the concept of money. There are over 2,000 verses in the Bible referring to money. Think about your vibrational currency regarding abundance. How does it feel? What is the feeling surrounding money and abundance? Doesn’t it feel good to think . . . → Read More: Harvesting Abundance: Building Success

Happiness Begins With a Thought: Think Your Way to Happiness

Think Your Way to Happiness

Have you ever been a bit bummed out about life’s challenges? It is possible to think your way to happiness.

Recently, I’ve been worried about my music studio and finances. Someone reminded me that all success starts with a thought. So I took some time to think about the thousands . . . → Read More: Happiness Begins With a Thought: Think Your Way to Happiness