Health Tips From Barbara

Health Tips

We can all learn from health tips. I am sharing success with various alternative therapies which can be quite helpful.

Knee and hip problems: I’m including several pieces of information that may help you with a variety of health problems. While shopping at a local health store, I inquired about remedies for aching . . . → Read More: Health Tips From Barbara

Building Your Joy List: Maintaining Happiness

Joy List:

Life has enough complications. Building a joy list is one sure way to overcome them. One of the best depression remedies is building your joy list. We all face times of trials and tribulations. Anyone who thinks that we can get through life without any hurdles is living a life of delusion. The . . . → Read More: Building Your Joy List: Maintaining Happiness

Alternative Treatments for Depression

Alternative treatments for depression

There are several alternative treatments for depression including acupuncture, homeopathy, biofeedback, diet, vitamins and minerals, and aroma therapy. I will address each one individually.

1. Acupuncture: According to a study of 477 patients, acupuncture is an effective treatment that has the potential to greatly reduce the severity of the disease in . . . → Read More: Alternative Treatments for Depression