From Addiction to Purpose

Addiction to Purpose:

Do you know anyone whose life has been affected by addiction and lack of purpose?

I just read about another family’s devastation following the death of a teen whose life was affected by drugs. How sad. My own life has been marked by addiction .  I was fortunate to have experienced several wake . . . → Read More: From Addiction to Purpose

The Golden Gift of Time


When I was a child, my father would occasionally stop working in our back yard, pick up a tiny ball and play catch with me.  I treasured those small moments.  Truthfully, he spent  thousands of lost hours in the taverns, sacrificing us to gambling and beer. Years later, he would collapse into his dingy . . . → Read More: Using Time Wisely: The Golden Gift of Time

Depression and Isolation



One of the hallmarks of depression is the desire to remove oneself from social contact. This can take several forms:

*lack of eye contact: Sometimes protecting one’s space can involve difficulty making eye contact, making depressives seem aloof or disinterested in social contact. This may exacerbate depression since lack of interaction . . . → Read More: Changes in weight may accompany depression.