Harvesting Health: Making Healthy Choices

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We must all be about the business of harvesting health. One of the strongest deterrents to success is ill health. Likewise, one of the strongest success builders is physical vitality . I know this from personal experience. I cannot say this strongly or loudly enough. Genetics do not determine our health outcome. . . . → Read More: Harvesting Health: Making Healthy Choices

Healthy Dietary Choices


When I was a teenager, I made some unhealthy dietary choices that cost me my mind and lead to depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Today, I am all about healthy dietary choices.

A long list of ingredients on any food label is primary indicator that the food is processed. The longer the list, the more . . . → Read More: Healthy Dietary Choices

Reduce Depression: Raise Vibrant Teenagers;



.Typically teenagers experience incredible physical, mental, and spiritual development. Establishing healthy teen habits sets the stage for a successful adult life. Parents, you can help your teenagers forge through the tempest of adolescence by implementing ten strategies. Don’t restrict it to ten. Feel free to add your own insights and ideas. Teenagers need . . . → Read More: Reduce Depression: Raise Vibrant Teenagers;

Roles In Dysfuntional Families: The Family Hero

The Family Hero


In dysfunctional families, the family hero has a specific role to follow. The classic function of the family hero is to make the family look good. Others may get into trouble with drugs or alcohol. But the family hero decides not to go that route. The family hero gets a college . . . → Read More: Roles In Dysfunctional Families: The Family Hero