Do You Want Success? Successful People Strive to Help Others

help others

Story: How can we help others? During the depression, one community in North America was having a particularly difficult time. How were they going to feed their families? Where would their next meal come from? How would they survive? The bartering system is a great way to reach out and help. Consider the . . . → Read More: Do You Want Success? Successful People Strive to Help Others

Making Healthy Choices


I have known several people whose lives were severely compromised by failing to make healthy choices. They ended up hurting others with their decisions. Making healthy choices is so critical.

Four Quotes on Health and healthy Choices

Virgil: The greatest wealth is health.

What does it profit us if . . . → Read More: Making Healthy Choices

Building a Life of Purpose



Story: The Pig and the Panther: How the Panther saw his purpose.

The pig set about one morning to search for food. As he ventured forth, the panther began to follow him. Intending at first to eat him, he continued to stalk. Then he noticed what the pig was doing. He saw the . . . → Read More: Building a Life of Purpose

Brain Integration: Hope for Addiction and Mental Health Recovery

Hope for Recovery From Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Living with a mental health challenge and living with someone with a mental health challenge can be stressful at best. I have had both experiences, having had an alcoholic father and brother. Life was hellish, to say the least. My response was to collapse into the . . . → Read More: Brain Reintegration: Hope for Recovery From Addiction and Mental Health Issues.

Healthy Dietary Choices


When I was a teenager, I made some unhealthy dietary choices that cost me my mind and lead to depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Today, I am all about healthy dietary choices.

A long list of ingredients on any food label is primary indicator that the food is processed. The longer the list, the more . . . → Read More: Healthy Dietary Choices

Depression in Women

Depression in Women


Depression doesn’t discriminate. It affects both genders. But it affects men and women differently. Let’s look at possible causes for depression in women.

Increased risk for depression in women may be caused by a blend of genetic, chemical, biological, hormonal, environmental, and social factors. It appears there is no one . . . → Read More: Depression in Women

Depression and Other Illnesses:

Depression and Other Illnesses:

Do depression and other illnesses sometimes co-exist?

There are three possible relationships between depression and other illnesses. Other illnesses can cause depression, can be a result of if, or can afflict someone before depression sets in.

Other psychiatric conditions such as PTSD, social anxiety disorder, OCD, and generalized anxiety disorder can . . . → Read More: Depression and Other Illnesses:

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Depression? Insomnia and Depression

Insomnia and Depression:

Can lack of sleep cause depression? Lack of sleep is both a sign of and a cause of depression. Insomnia and depression often coexist in depressed patients. Let’s take a look at the causes and some possible remedies for insomnia and depression.


Anxieties and Worries: Sometimes life throws us curved balls. . . . → Read More: Can Lack of Sleep Cause Depression? Insomnia and Depression

Can Children Become Depressed? Symptoms of Depression in Children

Depression in Children


Do children suffer from depression? The short answer is yes. Depressed children can experience a variety of symptoms.

Common symptoms are irritability, guilt feelings, isolation, sudden vocal outbursts, lack of focus, anxiety, and an inability to experience the consequences of their actions.

Irritability: Depressed children may show more signs of irritability . . . → Read More: Depressed Children: Symptoms of Depression in Children

Finding Peace in Chaos

Finding peace is possible.

Finding peace in the middle of chaos is possible.

Everyone has chaos in their lives. Mine came early. Born into an alcoholic, abusive home, I experienced .

the horrors of alcoholism, abuse, and addictive issues at an early age. In an effort to cope, I turned to an addiction to sugar, . . . → Read More: Finding Peace in Chaos