Stoking Your Creativity:

Your Creativity:

Create your success by stoking your creativity.

When I signed up for toastmaster’s, I brought all my passion and zeal to every speech. I was on fire. A year and a half later, my steam has been reduced to a mere trickle of conviction. I have trouble winning contests. I’ve embarrassed myself when . . . → Read More: Why Run Dry? Stoke Your Creativity:

Success Secret: Write Down Your Goals

Success Secret

New Year’s Resolution number one: Make a list of goals for the new year. Perhaps your goals can fall into a group of categories.

1. Financial: How much money do you want to make this year? And how do you plan to add to your finances? Financial goals are important. There are over . . . → Read More: Success Secret: Write Down Your Goals

Harvesting Abundance


Check this out for information on abundance.

The word abundance usually conjures up the concept of money. There are over 2,000 verses in the Bible referring to money. Think about your vibrational currency regarding abundance. How does it feel? What is the feeling surrounding money and abundance? Doesn’t it feel good to think . . . → Read More: Harvesting Abundance: Building Success

Feeding Your Soul: Finding Your Success


Feeding Your Soul: I believe that personal growth emanates from the inside out. Feeding your soul positive information is critical.

This can be a dual process since our inner life is profoundly influenced by input from out outer life. Every thought, everything that we read, every television program, and everything that we put into . . . → Read More: Feeding Your Soul: Finding Your Success

Five Ways to Live a Life of Fulfillment

Live a Life of Fulfillment

Would you like to feel fulfilled and content with each day’s accomplishments? Every second, every minute, every hour only happens once in a lifetime. Once time is gone, it can never be retrieved. Let’s take a look at six ways to live a life of fulfillment.

Number one: Have daily . . . → Read More: Five Ways to Live a Life of Fulfillment

Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts:Building A Happy Life

From Negative to Positive thoughts

We are all bombarded by negative thoughts. One only has to listen to or read the news to be subjected to negativity. So how do we guard our minds and shift from sad to happy, from depressed to joyful, or from negative to positive thoughts? The following suggestions may help.

. . . → Read More: From Negative to Positive Thoughts: Building A Happy Life

Do Words Affect Our Lives? Check Out Five Powerful Spiritual Words

Five Powerful Biblical Words

Five powerful Biblical words can impact our lives.

Psalm 1. vs.1: ” Blessed is the one who obeys the law of the Lord. He doesn’t follow the advice of evil people.

Words can shape the course of our lives. Spiritual words have the greatest impact.

He doesn’t make a habit of . . . → Read More: Do Words Affect Our Lives? Check Out Five Powerful Biblical Words

Economic depression




Economic depression has been a hot topic lately. Take it from one whose brain does not absorb numbers well. I cannot claim to be an expert on money. That’s why I’ve hired someone else to do this. This I do know: How we handle money is a microcosm of everything else in . . . → Read More: Economic Depression: Beating the Dollar Blues

Love heals fear



The Bible says “perfect love casts out all fear” and “love your neigbor as you love yourself.” The word has a positive vibration. I wonder if thinking loving thoughts and performing random acts of kindness have the power to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Perhaps fear would be alleviated just by the presence of . . . → Read More: Love Heals Fear: Love Brings Hope

Anger to Virtue


Resentment to Happiness

All the good self help books teach about the healing value of love and forgiveness. Anger just doesn’t seem to fit in with extending the lights of love and forgiveness to those who have hurt us. But are they really mutually exclusive? Does not righteous indignation come out of a respect . . . → Read More: Anger to Virtue: Resentment to Happiness