Happiness Begins With a Thought: Think Your Way to Happiness

Think Your Way to Happiness

Have you ever been a bit bummed out about life’s challenges? It is possible to think your way to happiness.

Recently, I’ve been worried about my music studio and finances. Someone reminded me that all success starts with a thought. So I took some time to think about the thousands . . . → Read More: Happiness Begins With a Thought: Think Your Way to Happiness

Depression Remedies: Dr. Andrew Weil's Recommendations


Depression remedies come in the form of both medical and alternative modalities.

I am a firm follower of Dr. Andrew Weil. He was on NPR yesterday with quite a few ideas about depression remedies.

1. Exercise: Walking, bicycling, swimming, and running all boost levels of inflammation and keep the brain and mood levels healthy . . . → Read More: Depression Remedies; Dr. Andrew Weil’s Recommendations

Pet Power And Depression



My two cats, Blossom and Oreo seem to be sensitive to my moods. They will both come up to me and nuzzle me in the face when they sense my mood is down. Blossom, my overweight gray cat, loves to sit on my lap when I’m watching TV and Oreo amuses herself by . . . → Read More: Pet Therapy And Depression: Using Pets to Relieve Depression.

Frustration Over Simple Things

Mastering Frustration


Getting frustrated over simple things is one of the signs of depression. How many times do we get upset when the computer doesn’t do what it is supposed to? Rather, how many times does this upset me? Mastering frustration is possible.

It’s so easy to get upset when dish network goes out . . . → Read More: Frustration Over Simple Things: Mastering Frustration