Six Tickets to Success


Tickets to Success

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Follow each ticket to success and enjoy happiness, fulfillment, and joy.

Ticket to Success Number One: Think Big and think outside the box. Learn to be inventive in your approach to life’s challenges. Where would we be if the Wright brothers, . . . → Read More: Ticket to Success

Build Success: Be a Dream Maker

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I’m developing a dual identity of depression survivor and success builder. There’s an old saying. “Kill two birds with one stone.” Being a dream maker accomplishes both beating depression and developing success. In his famous speech, Dr. Martin Luther King proclaimed “I have a dream.” He was a dream maker.

Our . . . → Read More: Build Success: Be a Dream Maker

What Would A World of Love Be Like? How to Build One

A World of Love

What would it be like if we lived in a world of love? Would wars cease? Would families be healthier? Would a world of love have more contentment?

Our little Spiritual Community, the Center for Spiritual Living, in Maryland Heights, Missouri, just lost one of its senior members. I’ve known . . . → Read More: What Would a World of Love Be Like? How to Build One

Reclaiming a Lost Childhood

lost childhood



I had a long discussion today about reframing and reclaiming my lost childhood. Much happened during that time that I thought would mar me deeply and forever. Such is not the case.

How much do those of us who have suffered treasure the happy times? We have known deep pain and . . . → Read More: Reclaiming a Lost Childhood