Becoming a More Confident You.

A More Confident You

Do you want to learn how to become a more confident you?

I believe we are all genetically predisposed in the direction of strength, capable of building productive lives. Unfortunately, life experiences can have a way of corrupting those inborn talents. Perhaps our parents were overprotective, giving a message of . . . → Read More: Become a More Confident You. Step Out of the Box

Depression and feelings of worthlessness and guilt

Finding Strength in the Midst of Depression


Depression is characterized by feelings of inadequacy and guilt. My father used to say “We are nothing more than ants crawling on the ground. God can crush us at will.” What a negative world view! Finding strength and purpose goes a long way to absolve that kind . . . → Read More: Finding Strength in the Midst of Depression

Self appreciation





So often, low self esteem is a partner to depression. This morning, our spiritual director asked each one of us to list everything we like about ourselves. Ten years ago, I would have been challenged to have come up with such a list. It’s much easier now. Self appreciation is so . . . → Read More: Self appreciation: An Antidote to Depression