From Addiction to Purpose

Addiction to Purpose:

Do you know anyone whose life has been affected by addiction and lack of purpose?

I just read about another family’s devastation following the death of a teen whose life was affected by drugs. How sad. My own life has been marked by addiction . I was fortunate to have experienced . . . → Read More: From Addiction to Purpose

Finding Hope, Encouragement, and Success


Where do we find hope, encouragement, and success? We all have stress in our lives. There are times when it seems insurmountable. Perhaps health issues come up. Maybe the computer doesn’t work and your livelihood depends on it. Both have touched my life recently. And I’m sure both have touched the lives of . . . → Read More: Finding Hope, Encouragement, and Success

Trauma to Recovery: Happiness, Reslience and Recovery

Trauma to Recovery:

How can you move from trauma to recovery?

I was listening to NPR today while driving back home and heard a wonderful Ted talk about resilience, recovery, and lifetime baselines.

Happiness, resilience, and recovery are built into our genetic code. In utero, everyone of us are imprinted with an enormous capacity to . . . → Read More: Trauma to Recovery: Coping with Happiness, Resilience, and Faith

Can Depression and Growth Come From Trayma?



Trauma can precipitate growth. Learning that comes from trauma is called post traumatic growth.

According to Martin Seligman, we typically respond to tragic events with sadness, detachment from goals, and depression. When these symptoms persist, chronic depression can occur. However, permanently carrying the label of depression can become self perpetuating. We are actually . . . → Read More: Can Depression and Post Traumatic Growth Come From Trauma?