Putting Boundaries on Anger

Boundaries on Anger:

It pays to put boundaries on anger. I have a student who runs a woman’s resell shop with her mother and her sister. I asked her if working with family sometimes causes stress. She said “Of course, we’re human.” We don’t allow each other to remain angry longer than twenty minutes.”

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Becoming a More Confident You.

A More Confident You

Do you want to learn how to become a more confident you?

I believe we are all genetically predisposed in the direction of strength, capable of building productive lives. Unfortunately, life experiences can have a way of corrupting those inborn talents. Perhaps our parents were overprotective, giving a message of . . . → Read More: Become a More Confident You. Step Out of the Box

Mental Illlness and Social Challenges: How Therapists Can Help



Part of my mission is to create an understanding of the possible social implications of mental illness. Only a small percentage of patients are hospitalized due to the introduction of anti psychotic medications in the nineteen-fifties. Consequently, thousands of us live with one foot in the world of the normal, seeking to educate . . . → Read More: mental-illlness-and-social-challenges-how-therapists Can Help