Saint Louis: Hope

Healing in Saint Louis:

Most of the nation probably knows about the situation in Saint Louis. Can healing occur in Saint Louis? Former officer Stockley was just acquitted of murder charges in the 2011 shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. I have an opinion about what happened in this case. I am not going to express . . . → Read More: Healing in Saint Louis

Mohahammad Ali: The Greatest

Barbara Altman, the author of hope, has written two books: “Hope Shines Eternal: My Journey Through Mental Illness” and Passages of Hope, 52 Real Life Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage You.” Both can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle, and on WWW. AuthorofHope.comhe Greatest:

The late great boxer, Mohammed Ali had no loss of self . . . → Read More: Mohahammad Ali: The Greatest

Six Golden Rules for a Success Filled Life\\

a-success filled life

Do you want a success filled life? Who doesn’t? We all desire happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Take heed of the following six golden rules for a Success filled life.

Number One: Live as though you are a part of everyone. What hurts one, hurts all. What helps one, helps all. Strive to . . . → Read More: Six Golden Rules for a Success Filled Life

Building a Life of Purpose



Story: The Pig and the Panther: How the Panther saw his purpose.

The pig set about one morning to search for food. As he ventured forth, the panther began to follow him. Intending at first to eat him, he continued to stalk. Then he noticed what the pig was doing. He saw the . . . → Read More: Building a Life of Purpose

Five Ways to Live a Life of Fulfillment

Live a Life of Fulfillment

Would you like to feel fulfilled and content with each day’s accomplishments? Every second, every minute, every hour only happens once in a lifetime. Once time is gone, it can never be retrieved. Let’s take a look at six ways to live a life of fulfillment.

Number one: Have daily . . . → Read More: Five Ways to Live a Life of Fulfillment

The Transformative Power of Prayer: The Church is Our Washing Machine

The Transformative Power of Prayer

Many years ago, I had one of the most spiritual dreams possible. I thought I had to clean up my act in order to invite Jesus and the power of prayer into my life. I was sitting in my house feeling the utmost of despair because it was so dirty. . . . → Read More: The Transformative Power of Prayer: Our Place of Worship is Our Washing Machine

Is Worry Related to Depression? From Worry to Concern to Peace





From Worry To Concern To Peace.

Does the worry habit worry you?

The thesaurus defines worry as anguish over things that usually do not happen. In these trying times of financial, national, and world wide insecurity, worry can erupt on a daily basis. Will I lose my job, my house, . . . → Read More: Are Worry and Depression Related? From Worry to Concern to Peace

The Power of Love



What does it mean to be in love, to feel love, or to experience love? The official definition of love, according to the thesaurus, is “adulation, or very strong liking.”

The word carries many shades of meaning.

Phileos love – or a relationship between friends that has no romantic meaning. This is one . . . → Read More: The Power of Love: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Step Three: Made A Decision To Turn Our Will And Our Lives Over To God As We Understand Him

Step Three:

So how do we perceive God? If we are to turn our will and our lives over to Him, it is helpful to define what God means to us first. This is what step three is all about.

Some believe Him to be an external force outside of ourselves who is the divine . . . → Read More: Step Three: Decided To Turn Our Will And Lives Over To God As We Understand Him

Celebrate Peace: Practice the Presence

Practice the presence: Bring God into Your Life



How often do we, meaning I, get off balance by projecting into the future all of the what ifs? What if the economy collapses again? What if I get sick? When should I retire? All that mental noise does not bring peace. Peace comes from . . . → Read More: Practice the presence: Celebrate Peace