The Gift of Gratitude


Gratitude brings happiness.

I have the wonderful privilege of teaching the children’s class at the center for Spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Missouri, on the first Sunday of each month. There were two children in the class this morning.

Six year old Caleb informed us that he is grateful for life. He is happy . . . → Read More: The Gift of Gratitude

Be Blessed, Grateful, Excited, and Thankful

Be Excited!

Be excited. Wake up each day to a world of wonder. How do we do this when we are in such political turmoil? How do we capture a success mentality when meals on wheels has been dropped, when children are being separated from their parents at the border? And how can we shower . . . → Read More: Be Blessed, Grateful, Excited, and Thankful

Building Your Happiness Quotient


Build a happiness hedge to address your problems. Maladaptive behaviors often come as reactions to life stressors. I recently had an interesting conversation with someone who has a problem with addiction to alcohol. He had several major challenges hit him in 2007. Both of his parents died within three weeks of each other. He . . . → Read More: Building Your Happiness Quotient

The Gift of Friendship


Be grateful for friendship


Story: Rosemary Banayat Bennett and I met at the Saint Louis Institute of Music. We both studied piano and music theory under the direction of some outstanding teachers. I had very few friends when I was a teenager. School was socially challenging. I faced serious physical and mental . . . → Read More: The Gift of Friendship

Buidling success with Gratitude



Successful People Build Gratitude Lists:

Story: Roberta Smith remains one of my dearest friends. She and I met in the enclaves of Grace World Church twenty years ago. Always the harbinger of good cheer, Roberta exudes the energies of love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. Her life mission is to minister to those suffering . . . → Read More: Buidling success with Gratitude