Building Your Success Quotient

Fulfillment Quotient:

Fulfillment is a key component to a happy life. So how do we build our fulfillment quotient? Consider this four step approach:

Visualize what you want to attract in your life. Does fulfillment mean more money? See cash flowing into your pocketbook. Watch it accumulate in your savings account. See it coming into . . . → Read More: Building Your Fulfillment Quotient

Finding Success and Your Passions

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Story: Maya Angelou: Born on April fourth, 1928, in Saint Louis Missouri. At age three, she and her brother were put on a train, unsupervised, to live with their Grandmother, Annie in Stamps, Arkansas. At age seven, Angelou was brutally raped by a relative when she was visiting family members. The . . . → Read More: Finding Success and Your Passions

Circumventing Obstacles


Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

I’ve often wondered if obstacles are stepping stones to success. No one is ever guaranteed instant gratification. It usually comes as the result of persistence, talent, and hard work. Truthfully, most major projects are accomplished by working around challenges and obstacles. This is about turning obstacles into opportunities.


When . . . → Read More: Are Obstacles Opportunities for Success?

Sought Through Prayer And Meditation To Establish Contact With God, As We Undstood Him, And For His Will For Us And The Means For Carrying That Out


Prayer And Meditation

Maintaining a conscious contact with God is a daily pursuit. We cannot grow in a relationship with Him without daily prayer and meditation, and continued contact with those who are spiritually minded. Prayer and meditation are a part of this pursuit.

My daily pursuit includes: 1. Nightly prayer and meditation 2. . . . → Read More: Sought Through Prayer And Meditation To Establish Contact With God