The power of your words.

The power of affirmations.

Change your thinking. change your life. Learn to develop the power of words to bring about life enhancing events. Let’s take a look at twenty power statements that can bring happiness, fulfillment, and success into your life.

I am healthy. See yourself as healthy, vibrant, and strong. I am strong. Catch . . . → Read More: The power of affirmations

Fall Into Success

Experience hope and happiness Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you – Deuteronomy 31:6

Story: The Gift of Teaching Children Maria Schmidt runs a successful business working with learning disabled . . . → Read More: Hope and Happiness

Bringing Hope to the Hungry

Hope to the Hungry

The number one cause of death in the world is hunger. The Tripura Foundation was set up to bring hope to the hopeless and hope to the hungry. In India alone, there are over 10,000 people suffering from hunger, including children and elderly citizens who cannot afford to feed themselves because . . . → Read More: Bringing Hope to the Hungry

Finding Hope, Encouragement, and Success


Where do we find hope, encouragement, and success? We all have stress in our lives. There are times when it seems insurmountable. Perhaps health issues come up. Maybe the computer doesn’t work and your livelihood depends on it. Both have touched my life recently. And I’m sure both have touched the lives of . . . → Read More: Finding Hope, Encouragement, and Success

Optimism: The Great Healer


So what is optimism? How often have we heard, look on the bright side? I think that optimism is widely misunderstood. It does not involve a Pollyanna attitude of always feeling upbeat and cheerful. Optimism is not characterized by a constant state of happiness. And optimism is not characterized by the total absence of . . . → Read More: Optimism: The Great Healer

Building Church Communities: Celebrating Hope


Celebrating Hope

Tonight, I heard about the premature death of a forty nine year old man who died from cirrhosis of the liver from years of alcohol abuse. He did not have a reason to engage in celebrating hope.

Last Sunday, I was a part of a presentation about building church communities that would . . . → Read More: Building Church Communities: Celebrating Hope

The Life Long Impact of Child Abuse: Depression and Anxiety

The Life Long Impact of Child Abuse:

Child abuse is one of the most egregious types of crimes. Children look to adults for safety, security, love, and acceptance. When those expectations are short cut due to abuse, serious consequences can and often do occur. Some of the most serious effects of child abuse in infants . . . → Read More: The Life Long Impact of Child Abuse: Depression and Anxiety