Can Children Become Depressed? Symptoms of Depression in Children

Depression in Children


Do children suffer from depression? The short answer is yes. Depressed children can experience a variety of symptoms.

Common symptoms are irritability, guilt feelings, isolation, sudden vocal outbursts, lack of focus, anxiety, and an inability to experience the consequences of their actions.

Irritability: Depressed children may show more signs of irritability . . . → Read More: Depressed Children: Symptoms of Depression in Children

Depression and flat affect

developing strengths


Flat affect is defined as a severe reduction in emotional expressiveness. It is commonly seen in depressed and schizophrenic individuals. Patients are seen as extremely apathetic and lacking in facial expressions. One can overcome flat affect by developing strengths.

I lost a music therapy internship in part because of an extremely flat . . . → Read More: Depression and Developing Strengths: A New Way to Recover

Nine Symptoms of Depression


According to Mayo Clinic, the following are symptoms of depression * reduced sex drive: libido is not as strong as it once was and interest in sex declines.

* frustration over simple things: Normal everyday occurrences that were once menial now become irritating. Emotional triggers that were once minor now become major. * sadness . . . → Read More: Nine Symptoms of Depression

Teenage depression

Teenage depression


I had my first major depressive episode in my teens. Growing up in an alcoholic home presented its challenges. In addition, there were the usual adolescent social, hormonal, and academic pressures. I truly suffered from teenage depression.

Fortunately, my mother sat me down one afternoon and offered her unconditional support should any . . . → Read More: Teenage depression