Our Children's Future: What Does it Look Like?

Our Children’s Future: What Does it Look Like?

How can we impact our world so our children’s future is productive and happy?

I’ve just started a job teaching preschoolers the wonders of piano lessons using Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey.

Three youngsters are currently enrolled. In the process of asking them what makes . . . → Read More: Our Children’s Future: What Does It Future Look Like?

Are Your Children Driving You Crazy?

Are Your Children Causing Craziness?

Sometimes children are causing craziness.

I have taught hundreds of children over the last forty plus years, I know just a tiny bit about the way their minds work. Their lives and ours will be a whole lot easier if we can crawl around in their shoes, get into their . . . → Read More: Are Your Children Driving You Crazy?

Our thoughts and words determine our future

Co-create Our Lives


Nine years ago, I was working in a local nursing home doing music therapy. At times I’d become become aware of the physical distance between myself and the residents as I would play my keyboard or guitar for them. Sometimes I wondered if they felt uncomfortable when I towered over them . . . → Read More: Our Thoughts and Words Co-Create Our Lives

post partum depression



At the age of thirteen, I gleefully announced to my mother and my aunt that I wanted thirteen children. I didn’t know about post-partum depression. Both my mother and my aunt nearly fainted. My mother made a comment about not wanting to baby sit. Already in love with music, I wanted a baker’s . . . → Read More: Post Partum Depression: The Down Side of Pregnancy