The power of your words.

The power of affirmations.

Change your thinking. change your life. Learn to develop the power of words to bring about life enhancing events. Let’s take a look at twenty power statements that can bring happiness, fulfillment, and success into your life.

I am healthy. See yourself as healthy, vibrant, and strong. I am strong. Catch . . . → Read More: The power of affirmations

Let Your Light Shine


A small town neighborhood florist extended an act of kindness to ten year old Johnny. Johnny wanted to buy his mother flowers for mother’s day. He scraped together two dimes, three nickels, and three pennies to make the purchase. Holding his fortune in his small hand, he walked into the florist’s store to buy . . . → Read More: Acts of Kindness

The Gifts of Kindness and Respect

kindness and Respect The elephants’ trip to pay kindness and respect.

Lawrence Anthony was a South African legend, author, and lover of elephants. He rescued elephants all over the world from atrocities, cruelty, and abuse.

On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony died. He was missed by his wife, his children, his grandchildren, and his elephants.

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