Finding Hope, Encouragement, and Success


Where do we find hope, encouragement, and success? We all have stress in our lives. There are times when it seems insurmountable. Perhaps health issues come up. Maybe the computer doesn’t work and your livelihood depends on it. Both have touched my life recently. And I’m sure both have touched the lives of . . . → Read More: Finding Hope, Encouragement, and Success

Do You Want to Develop the Happiness Habit?

The Happiness Habit

Do you want to develop the happiness habit? The secret is to become involved. Knowing oneself and acknowledging strengths catapults one into a state of mind that invites connections and involvement. Shame becomes a moot issue when our strengths and talents are at the forefront. Who wants to hide when knowledge of . . . → Read More: Do You Want to Develop the Happiness Habit?

What Can We learn From Our Children?

Lessons Learned From Children


Does depression or anxiety or psychosis exist in preschool children? Some mental health professionals say that the most serious mental illnesses do not appear until the teen years. Certainly depression and anxiety may persist in adults as they ponder whether or not their children are safe in today’s world after . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned From Children

The Gift of Laughter


Laughter is truly the best of all medicines.


I have the wonderful privilege of working at a local nursing home twice a week, one morning a week doing therapeutic music and one afternoon doing entertainment, playing the piano and the guitar Therapeutic music sessions are centered around a theme. February sessions are geared . . . → Read More: The Gift of Laughter:The Gift of Joy

Ten Ways To Manage Emotions


In my new Recovering from Depression, anxiety, and psychosis,I document a story of utilizing a combination of traditional counseling and alternative healing modalities in the process of building emotional control. Since early childhood trauma often results in an addiction to excitement, it is important to establish a new reality consisting of the ability to . . . → Read More: Ten Ways To Manage Emotions: Achieving Emotional Control

Laughter is the best medicine



Dear Readers: Laughter may not cure depression, but it can go a long way in preventing it or sustaining treatment. To get started I’d like to recount a silly event in my life.

In the 1980s, I was involved in community theater, playing the role of the vocal teacher in “The Night of . . . → Read More: Laughter is the best medicine