Building Healthy Families and Communitites



Building Healthy Families and Communities.

Counselors, educators, ministers, and anyone else who has a vested interest in helping others must sometimes cry out in pain when confronted with the challenges facing those who come to them for direction.

Why do an estimated seventeen percent of middle school and high school students dabble in . . . → Read More: Building Healthy Communities, Healthy Individuals, and Healthy Families

Building a Life Of Joy



I have a mission in life to share ideas on overcoming depression and beyond that, on building a life of joy. Some of my lessons come from the senior citizens I have the privelege to serve. They know how to build a life of joy.

Working as a therapeutic musician and entertainer at . . . → Read More: Build a Life Of Joy: Build A Life Of Happiness

What Would A World of Love Be Like? How to Build One

A World of Love

What would it be like if we lived in a world of love? Would wars cease? Would families be healthier? Would a world of love have more contentment?

Our little Spiritual Community, the Center for Spiritual Living, in Maryland Heights, Missouri, just lost one of its senior members. I’ve known . . . → Read More: What Would a World of Love Be Like? How to Build One

Loving the Hurting

The Healing Power of Love



It’s easy to love the likable, the most popular, and those at the top of the success ladder. But what happens to the disenfranchised, the hurting, and the lost members of society? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A community is only as viable . . . → Read More: The Healing Power of Love: Loving the Hurting

The Power of Love



What does it mean to be in love, to feel love, or to experience love? The official definition of love, according to the thesaurus, is “adulation, or very strong liking.”

The word carries many shades of meaning.

Phileos love – or a relationship between friends that has no romantic meaning. This is one . . . → Read More: The Power of Love: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Love, Joy, And Inspiration



The dictionary describes love as adulation or a very strong liking. It brings connotations of romance, sexual attraction, and overpowering feelings of adulation. The word love carries a high vibration. Love conquers all, as the saying goes.

The thesaurus defines joy as ecstasy. This reaches into an almost manic experience of heightened happiness, . . . → Read More: Love, Joy, And Inspiration: Three Words of Power

Reframing circumstances with service



Many thanks to Reverend Ron Tucker of Grace World Church in Maryland Heights, Missouri, for this morning’s talk. He talked about joyful service.

His message rang true with me since I’ve been an inveterate worrier almost all of my life. I have a doctoral degree in the fine art of anxiety. Joyful service . . . → Read More: Worshiping God With Joyful Service

Love heals fear



The Bible says “perfect love casts out all fear” and “love your neigbor as you love yourself.” The word has a positive vibration. I wonder if thinking loving thoughts and performing random acts of kindness have the power to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Perhaps fear would be alleviated just by the presence of . . . → Read More: Love Heals Fear: Love Brings Hope

Anger to Virtue


Resentment to Happiness

All the good self help books teach about the healing value of love and forgiveness. Anger just doesn’t seem to fit in with extending the lights of love and forgiveness to those who have hurt us. But are they really mutually exclusive? Does not righteous indignation come out of a respect . . . → Read More: Anger to Virtue: Resentment to Happiness