The Gift of Friendship


Be grateful for friendship


Story: Rosemary Banayat Bennett and I met at the Saint Louis Institute of Music. We both studied piano and music theory under the direction of some outstanding teachers. I had very few friends when I was a teenager. School was socially challenging. I faced serious physical and mental . . . → Read More: The Gift of Friendship

Beating Depression By Finding Your Strengths


What a privilege it was to be able to speak to new employees at Missouri Psychiatric Center on beating depression by finding your strengths.

I have had the privilege, over the last year, to speak for Respect Speakers Institute. Respect Institute was founded by Joel Slack who has experienced mental health challenges. Tremendous loss . . . → Read More: Beating Depression By Finding Your Strengths

Success and the Calming Effect of Music

The calming effects of Music

Do you want to increase the odds of success for yourself and your children? Teach your children the calming effect of music. Evidence points to the possible success and calming effects of listening to and performing classical music.

Classical Music: Classical music includes solos and duets, symphonies, orchestras, and chamber . . . → Read More: Success and the Calming effect of Music

Finding Success By Relieving Stress: Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress Reduction Techniques

I believe one of the greatest blocks to success is unresolved stress. Stress reduction techniques can work very well when you are feeling overwhelmed or tired.

Number One: Listening To Calming Music: I have a background in music therapy. Twice a week, I conduct therapeutic music sessions at a local nursing home. . . . → Read More: Finding Success By Relieving Stress: Stress Reduction Techniques

Preventing Panic Attacks

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are so bothersome! Who needs panic attacks? Who wants panic attacks? Who would like to get rid of panic attacks? The answer to question one is no one. The answer to question two is no one. The answer to question three is everyone!


I travel to the homes of several . . . → Read More: Preventing Panic Attacks

Are Your Children Driving You Crazy?

Are Your Children Causing Craziness?

Sometimes children are causing craziness.

I have taught hundreds of children over the last forty plus years, I know just a tiny bit about the way their minds work. Their lives and ours will be a whole lot easier if we can crawl around in their shoes, get into their . . . → Read More: Are Your Children Driving You Crazy?

Low Cost Stress Relievers


In this high stress world, we need low cost stress relievers.

We live in a world of constant motion and high demands. Parents feel obligated to commit their children to Karate lessons, music lessons, and sports activities. Our airwaves are bombarded with news about an ailing economy, stock market slumps, and terrorist threats. . . . → Read More: Low Cost Stress Relievers: Economical Ways to Prevent Stress

The Path Of Courage.


“The day comes sooner or later when every person finds sorrow and tragedy mingled with joy. When that day comes it is not the path of courage to dodge it, to circumvent it, or expect someone else to stand the shock for you.”

We all face the deaths of loved ones. Indeed, the grieving . . . → Read More: The Path Of Courage: Meeting Life Head On.